The Nuts Christmas Special!

Nuts Christmas 01 560x264The Nuts Christmas Special was a yearly issue of Nuts Magazine that men in the UK would look forward to as the holidays approached. Sadly Nuts closed up shop in 2014, thus the wonderful tradition has come to an end, and there are no more sexy Christmas issues to be printed. Here is a video clip used to promote the 2009 issue that is depicted above, because we know you want to hear those hot British accents :

The Nuts Christmas Special produced some of the hottest holiday images on the web, and was a primary source of material for our Lucy Pinder Christmas Gallery. Pinder was joined in the magazines by other busty brits like Rosie Jones, Holly Peers, India Reynolds, Emma Glover, and Sophie Reade. While the magazine certainly contained plenty of topless photos, we’ve collected the best of the sexy SFW stuff to show you here, in honor of the dearly departed Nuts Christmas Special :