Nikoleta Lozanova: Wag Watch #15

Nikoleta Lozanova 40 225x300And here you probably knew nothing about Bulgaria. Well it can be more interesting than you might imagine. Bulgarian 2006 Playmate of the Year Nikoleta Lozanova is a big reason why. Another reason is the drama in her life. Lozanova used to date FC Twente (by way of Liverpool) goalkeeper Nikolay Mihaylov. Not anymore, however. Mihaylov may have dumped the girl, but not the drama.

In her post-Mihaylov days Lozanova has been seen with local Bulgarian mob godfather Georgi ‘The Head’ Stoilov, a man known for his extreme violence. Earlier this year, when Mihailov made some less than flattering comments about his former girlfriend, he awoke to discover that his Ferrari had suffered £17,000 worth of acid damage. Not quite a horse’s head in the bed, but one gets the message. After the attack, Mihailov reportedly went into seclusion with armed guard until things cooled over. You can see below if the girl was worth it:

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