Naomi Von Kreeps : Cosplay Crazy


Canadian web developer Naomi Von Kreeps has a certain recurring motif in her cosplay photos.


But it’s hard to put my finger on just what it could be.



Imperial Guard

Wait, don’t tell me…

crop later

… She’s a Trekkie?


Okay, yeah, she’s way into Star Wars. While she’ll also do stuff like Black Cat:

Black Witch 560x373

Or Mary Jane:


Her true passion is undeniably the touchstone sci-fi trilogy. And only the original trilogy, evidently. There is no sign of anything from the prequels in anything she’s done, and she said in interviews that she really has it in for Jar Jar Binks (imagine!) There’s nothing about the Extended Universe from the likes of Timothy Zahn or Kevin J. Anderson’s either, which is odd given how much she likes to emphasize that parts of her are extended.

Her Caption

Her caption, not Gunaxin’s!

Also, she seems much more interested in the Dark Side, with special emphasis on storm troopers, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett. She’s even paid tribute to the anonymous officers and functionaries, and when was the last time you saw anyone give them any respect? Even the prequels didn’t feature them.


But her apparent strong appreciation for the sexiness of evil doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to make the Empire look cute.


So, on September 30, she’s having a birthday sale for her cosplay prints! Stop here for some real bargains. Keep up to date with her sales events and similar announcements by following her on Facebook or Tumblr. Do it and maybe she’ll make more videos with Boba bounces.

All photographs courtesy “A Rebel Photographer.” Used with Permission

Boba Wet1