More Girls in Costume

Sexy Halloween Costume Party 600x330 560x308GoodandEvil 224x300Is Halloween getting too sexy? I vote no. It’s just an excuse to wear something a little more risqué. Tastefully done of course. Nothing wrong with that. If you didn’t get enough of the Sexy Halloween Girls, here’s a few more costumed ladies for your enjoyment. And many are dressed up as your favorite (or not so favorite) characters. It’s almost like your wildest dreams have come true. Almost.

Seems some of these women are feeling naughty and some are feeling nice. But as the picture to the right demonstrates, it seems that naughty is outnumbering nice. No complaints here. If you’re still looking for some some costume ideas, try checking out these ideas in the video and pictures below. I don’t think you can really go wrong here.