“Mocha Girls” Serves Up a Smoking Hot Cup of Joe

On the corner of Leopard Street and North Padre Island Drive in Corpus Christi, TX, you will find a humble drive-thru coffee shop…assuming a bright pink exterior is subtle.  Gracie Valverdie is the proprietor of “Mocha Girls”, a coffee shop that features scantily clad women serving patrons their daily caffeine buzz.

I could go more in depth about this establishment, but we all just want to see the pictures.  So close the door to your office or turn your monitor away from the cube opening, and flip over to Chrome’s incognito window and enjoy!

Mocha Girls 1 560x363

Owner Gracie Valverde is not amused by your jokes about "flicking the bean"

Mocha Girls 2 560x358

Mocha Girls 3 560x332

Mocha Girls 4 560x356

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