Mikayla Wingle : LFL Playboy Model


lingerieplayboyx large 223x300February’s issue of Playboy, which comes out today, features the ladies of the Lingerie Football League.

These women play full contact, arena style tackle football in lingerie. This is not powder puff football. While many of the women model part time, they’ll all tell you that they’re athletes first and foremost.

If you get a chance to see these women play, you’ll agree they’re more than just pretty faces. And now you get to see the rest too!! One woman from each of the ten teams across the country will be featured inside this months issue.

Check out this behind the scenes video of their shoot, Girls of the LFL – Playboy :

We had a chance to talk to Mikayla Wingle #10 of Tampa Breeze (featured left on the magazine cover). As a rookie in the league, Mikayla is a linewoman playing on both sides of the ball and will be joining her team in the LFL Conference Playoffs in Jacksonville, FL on the 29th of this month. Tampa Breeze(3-1) takes on Eastern Conference rival Philly Passion(4-0) for a chance to go to Vegas and play in the Lingerie Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday.

Mikayla (since we’re tight with her now, we call her Miki!) Miki, is from New Jersey and played soccer, basketball and softball growing up. Her favorite part of the LFL is the aggressiveness. She loves to tackle!! That’s her sacking Miami’s QB, Anonka Dixon on the right.

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If you’re lucky enough to land a date with Mikayla, you’re better off planning something that revolves around sports than something romantic. She says she’s a guys girl, she wants a great game, some fried food and a brew, top that off with a nice walk holding hands and she’s a happy girl!

Now we know we have your attention! Wait, she gets even cooler. Her favorite foods are french fries, tacos and sloppy joes. She’s addicted to her Wii. She has a Rottie/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named Diesel who she feeds cheeseburgers for breakfast. For more Miki, definitely check out her answers to the Six Questions. If you want to keep up with her, you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

You can watch Miki and Tampa Breeze tonight on MTV2 at 11pm when they replay Tampa Breeze’s last home game.

Here’s some more pics of Mikayla and don’t forget to pick up this months Playboy!