Michelle Beadle vs. Erin Andrews: Who Ya Got?

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One of the more interesting parts of the new ESPN book: These Guys Have All the Fun is the furthering of the ongoing “feud” between Erin Andrews and Michelle Beadle. Apparently, it is a well known fact that Beadle isn’t a big fan of Andrews. She doesn’t endear herself to Andrews any further by admitting she watched the leaked video of her changing and then insinuating it has provided a major boost to her career.

I haven’t been able to find much else on record of the two sniping at each other. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t crucial to settle this important debate in the sports world. It would be irresponsible journalism to ignore. So, who do you prefer?

Michelle Beadle, the hot girl next door who is funny, easy to hang out with, and knows a ton about sports… or Erin Andrews, the smoking hot girl who is probably a little high maintenance, still knows her sports and has some quality dance moves.

You probably want to spend less time looking at my words and more time looking at pictures or video of the two to help make your decision, don’t worry I’m not offended, vote in the poll below…

Michelle Beadle

michelle beadle1

michelle beadle1


Erin Andrews

erin andrews

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