Michael Phelps’ Girl: Caroline “Caz” Pal

*** UPDATE *** : Michael Phelps and Caroline “Caz” Pal have already split! (12/12)

phelps pal 300x235

Michael Phelps now has an official girlfriend, and he brought her home for Thanksgiving dinner. Her name is Caroline “Caz” Pal, and she is a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas, who has apparently posed for some fun photos in her lifetime. That must have been an interesting scene at the Phelps house. Maybe Chris Collinsworth can get an exclusive on Momma Phelps reaction to this one. People has more details, but you really just came to see the photos:


That is one hell of a tramp stamp. When it is that big, do you call it a tramp poster? Tramp billboard? What is that on the front? Is she mixing drinks in her panties? Dropping olives and cherries in there? Ah yes, Mrs. Phelps is so proud of her boy now.

** UPDATE ** The fine folks over at With Leather have pictures of Phelps with his new squeeze. Click the photo below for more!
phelps gf