Mercedes McNab : A Pilgrim’s Progress

Pilgrim 560x292One of the great parts of the 1993 movie Addams Family Values is the Thanksgiving play in which Wednesday Addams leads an Indian uprising against the Pilgrims. The play would not have been nearly so satisfying if it was not for the performance of Mercedes McNab as the pre-teen and very bitchy Amanda Buckman. Amanda is awarded the supposedly heroic role of Pilgrim Sarah Miller and Wednesday was given the “equally compelling role of Pocohantas.” McNab had played a foil to Wednesday through most of the movie. It was a demonstration that evil, especially in junior high, can come in many forms.

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Arguably, the screen time in Addams Family Values is not even the most famous work that McNab did for The Addams Family franchise. That distinction goes to McNab’s very brief turn in the first Addams Family movie. McNab was the Girl Scout who questioned whether Wednesday’s lemonade was made of real natural lemons. Wednesday responded by wondering if McNab’s Girl Scout cookies were made of … real Girl Scouts.

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There is a scene in Addams Family Values where camp director Gary Granger asks what Amanda Buckman is going to do when she grows up. Amanda proudly states that she is going to be an actress. Granger responds by saying “Brava.” But what about Mercedes McNab? What exactly happened to her? Considering this is probably the first time that you have put the name Mercedes McNab to Addams Family Girl Scout, there is a distinct possibility that McNab died of a drug overdose before she turned 15. Fortunately for the rest of these photos, that is not the case. McNab did grow up and fulfill the prophesy of Amanda Buckman by becoming an actress. McNab has mostly worked in television (Buffy) as well as horror… but she did grow up….

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