Megan Rossee: Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend

megan rossee michael phelps 560x560

Megan Rossee (Twitter) is the latest girlfriend to the greatest Olympian of All-Time, Michael Phelps. The news broke today via Twitter photos, and the story has been all over the internet. According to “sources,” the couple began dating about five months ago. Megan Rossee is a 25-year-old model based out of Los Angeles, and seems like an upgrade over Phelps’ post-Beijing squeeze, Caroline “Caz” Pal. Although not unlike Caz Pal, Rosse is also working as a cocktail waitress in Hollywood. You would think with 22 medals, Phelps would be able to meet women that he didn’t have to tip :

Many of the great photos you see in the gallery above were taken by photographer Jago Soria, check out his site for even more. Finally, here is the happy couple out at a Speedo event on Monday night in London :