Megan Fox or Olivia Wilde?

Fox Wilde

There used to be a huge controversy between who was hotter: Megan Fox or Olivia Wilde. Every man in the world should know who these two hotties are (Megan Fox from ‘Transformers’ and Olivia Wilde from ‘House’) so Gunaxin came up with a great idea. Why not put these two up in a battle to see who the people that matter, you, think is sexier? You can base it off of looks, body, personality, marital status, boycott day, pretty much anything you want. Below is the poll and the two galleries of the girls. Browse through the pictures then vote at the bottom. So yeah, one of these ladies is going to be named the Loser, while everyone who checks out the photos will be the real winner.

Megan Fox

Olivia Wilde

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