Maryse Ouellet: A Sugar Daddy Sours


You’d think being a professional wrestler and dating another professional wrestler, like The Miz, would be enough to keep the creepy stalkers away. This wasn’t enough for Maryse Oullet.  The twenty-eight year old model and WWE Diva recently had to have a restraining order put against a sixty-one year old man. If he wanted to be her sugar daddy, he was going about it the wrong way. Instead of  telling her he’d take her on trips to Hawaii, he told her that he would hunt her down and “take her to heaven with him”.  Instead of a restraining order we think the judge should have granted The Miz fifteen minutes alone with him. You can hear the latest from Maryse Oullet by following her on Twitter. You can also be jealous of The Miz by checking out her gallery below.