Marilyn Monroe: Pioneer of Sexiness


Men all over the world owe their heartfelt gratitude to Marilyn Monroe. She started it all. Not only did she appear on the cover of the very first Playboy, but she made being a “dumb blonde” fashionable. She was also the original WAG, dating Yankee legend, Joe DiMaggio. Her looks inspired Pam Anderson and her political involvement inspired Monica Lewinski. Her list of on screen appearances is impressive. Her IMDb profile shows that she heated up the screen in over thirty movies. The list of things we owe to Marilyn Monroe is endless, and we’ve added a hundred more things to be thankful for in her gallery below. Marilyn’s affair with President Kennedy is the stuff of legend, and on the 50th Anniversary of his death, we could think of no more appropriate lady to honor with a gallery today. OK, maybe his wife would have made sense too.