Maria Ramos : Cosplay Cutie


There are certain characters that, much as we enjoyed them before, have been done to near death in the exciting field of Cosplaying. Tifa Lockheart, Princess Leia as a slave, Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman, etc. This helps us appreciate even more the fresh, unusual characters that Maria Ramos portrays in her photos.

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Say what you will about Betty Rubble, it doesn’t occur to most people to try to make her sexy.

Actually, that’s not obscure enough to illustrate the point. She’s willing to go crazy obscure on these things, such as doing the anime character who wears a shirt that says Mega Milk. Bet you don’t see that everyday unless you’re a real pervert.

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Seriously, for your own sake, don’t look up this reference!

Her photos consistently have high production value, great polish, and a sense of fun. Thankfully she’s expressive and, as the above photo indicates, seems to have fun while posing. For example, there’s her work as a Spartan soldier from the Halo franchise in pink armor.



Or even better, her somehow managing to make Velma hot. There are Cyanide & Happiness characters that would be easier to make sexy than her.

velma nerdy and curvy by mariedoll d66zlua

Well, that helps.

But my personal favorite would probably be her photo set where she’s M. Bison from Street Fighter of all characters.

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This is completely unphotoshopped.

Also here’s that image of her playing Poison from Street Fighter x Tekken that we put in the banner without any cropping.

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This helps you fully appreciate that hat.

For the viewer that wants there models to dress more like a regular person and less like a drawing, there’s plenty of really great images of that type too.

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6c6ec1240efca407a261dcb197d0c3bd d4jiltbSo be sure to stop by her website to check out more great material in these photosets. Also be sure to follow her on Facebook, Tumblr, and maybe Youtube on the off chance she’ll have something new to post.