Lustful Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Lingerie 02 560x314Sure Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark Holiday, and generally a pain in the ass to men everywhere. However there is no doubt it can also be a boon, as women are more likely to be receptive to sexy lingerie on this special evening than they are the rest of the year. Whether you take a risk and gift something to her (really for you) or she pulls something out of the drawer you’ve never seen before, there’s a pretty good chance your woman will be wearing something extra sexy for Valentine’s Day. While most of us aren’t blessed with lady friends that look anything like these models, it doesn’t hurt to get a little preview. So we’ve prepared this 80 photo gallery to help you “shop” for the style you’d like to see on your best babe this Valentine’s Day. Here’s wishing your Valentine looks this hot.