Luscious Lips of Loving Ladies

Lipstick Day 61 560x315

Lipstick was invented for one reason, seduction. It highlights the feature on a woman that many men spend their whole lives chasing, the lips. Lipstick, in any color, is more likely to suck a man in over a tight dress and makeup. Today we celebrate that fact, with National Lipstick Day.

It is lips that men secretly love to admire. We will never say it aloud but when we notice a woman, especially in porn, we spend little time focused on the obvious features and plenty of time staring at her facial ones. The lips remind us of passion, lust, and seduction.

Let’s celebrate this sexy day with a gallery of seductresses and their beautiful lipstick that makes men cry and women jealous. See if you can keep your focus on just their lips.