Lisa Lou Who : Cosplay Cutie


Lisa Lou Who is not only a stunning model (at LEAST a 5.25/10), but the designer of her own costumes and a maker of custom hoodies through a page called “Rarity’s Boutique.” Possibly her current greatest claim to internet fame is being featured on KassemG’s YouTube channel, where he did exactly what fans would expect of him while she took it in good humor:

But while she doesn’t do any of the traditional “goth” or “dark” modelling stuff like dying her hair black or posing in fake decrepit castles with cobwebs or crows, she’s done numerous works and projects that indicates that she’s got a bit of an edge. One second she’ll be doing cute images where she dresses up in her Jasmine outfit like in these images:

Player 2.1 Player 2.2

Source: Player 2 Photography

Then she’ll do something like this fan video of The Hunger Games with stuff like this:

Hunger Games

She’ll do lots of work in the vein of the surprise internet hit show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” such as in the following photos where she plays Fluttershy. It’s probably the most attractive someone can be while pretending to be a cartoon horse.

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grand galloping gala fluttershy by lisa lou who d5ydzg3

Source: AnimazeGuy-PhotoNXS

But she’ll also do stuff like the hoodie below. It’s supposed to be composed from the skin of various characters from the aforementioned show in reference to a fan story.

pinkamena hoodie by theflyingpanda08 d53479p

Source: Rarity’s Boutique

While there’s her pretending almost too convincingly to be Wreck-It Ralph character Vanellope Von Schweetz:

vannellope von schweetz    you  re my hero by lisa lou who d5ljlay

Source: The Enthusiasts

 She’ll also do these rather dark images where she’s Kratos from the game series God of War.

photographer kratos

Source: Modelmayhem

Even if that’s supposed to be rust instead of blood on those blades, think of potential that has for giving someone tetanus.

So feel free to enjoy more of her cosplay and maybe stop by her store to see if she can make something fun for you. Just bear in mind, it’s not all smiles and cuteness.

extremis pepper potts cosplay by lisa lou who d65xbxc

Source: Photosynthetique

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Source: Extrosy Photography