Lena Headey: Game of Thrones Hottie

300 production stills lena headey 1715287 1200 632 560x294Being the Queen of Sparta is very taxing. Just ask Lena Headey. She once portrayed Queen Gorgo in the film 300. She is also the reason I now own a Blu-Ray player.

Game Of Thrones S1Ep7 You Win Or You Die lena headey 28482548 1920 1080 560x315Then came Cersei Lannister, my favorite reason for watching Game of Thrones. Sure, the show is about as awesome as having Megan Fox read you bedtime stories while Halle Berry snuggles next to you in your bed, but Lena Headey makes the show THAT much better.

You can agree to disagree, or you can simply call me names and curse me out via the internet, I honestly do not care, I love Lena Headey and I think you should be more aware of her beauty. Enjoy.