Lauren Cohan : Zombie Killer

Cohan Morrissey 560x290Lauren Cohan portrays the incredibly cute zombie slayer, Maggie Greene, on AMC’s The Walking Dead. She is just one reason we’re excited for the return of our favorite television show this weekend. When we first featured here at Gunaxin, we lamented the lack of photos of her on the internet. With a starring role on one of television’s most popular shows comes new found fame, and thus more photos.

We have the folks at Maxim to thank for an incredibly sexy photoshoot, but there are also plenty of pics of Cohan from the show and promotional events. We’ve collected all of the goodness from the past year and a half in order to present this updated 40 image gallery. There are no duplicates here from our previous feature, so if you’d like to see more of Lauren Cohan (who wouldn’t?) check out that gallery as well. If Kirkman kills her off, we riot!