Lauren Cohan is (Walking) Dead Sexy

%nameUnless you’re a big fan of genre shows with below average ratings (see: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and Chuck) or abysmal sequels to movies that weren’t that good in the first place (Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj and Death Race 2), you might not recognize the name Lauren Cohan. But last fall, if you’re at all a fan of zombies and, more specifically, The Walking Dead, you were blessed with the gorgeous actress each Sunday as the character Maggie, who readers of the graphic novel know well.

Cohan, as we said, plays the crucial role of Maggie, the sexy farmer’s daughter who takes a fairly random interest in fan favorite Glenn. As anyone who watches the show has already seen, not only has Maggie been written as the best female character on the show, but Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, is seriously the luckiest actor working on The Walking Dead.

(Sidenote – if any of you work as paparazzi, for the love of God get more photos of the incredible Lauren Cohan, will ya? Oh and if you’d like to see much more of her, check out her stalker fanclub.)