The Ladies of Olympic Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball London 001 560x343Beach Volleyball is typically one of the most popular tickets at the Olympics, and the London Games are no exception. Preliminary round games have been played all week at the Horse Guards Parade, and despite some cold and rainy weather, the crowds have been massive. This year the IVF has permitted competitors to cover up a bit, due to cold weather and cultural sensitivity. Luckily it’s been warm enough during the day for most ladies to sport their bikinis.

Personally I enjoy watching the competition and the sport, but I will admit the scantily clad ladies jumping around in the sand doesn’t hurt either. Recently a couple of articles appeared on-line poking fun at the photography that takes place during these events. First Buzzfeed presented 19 Photos That Are Definitely Not Just Of Sexy Women At Olympic Beach Volleyball which takes a look at the hilarious ways that photos are described. Then Metro wondered What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball? While both articles are certainly amusing, we’re not going to let that stop us from enjoying the view on the sand.

So we’ve gathered this gallery which begins with about 50 photos from the London Olympics so far, and then another 100+ photos in case you want to keep clicking. We even included some photos that show that these women do in fact have heads, and that they are also playing Volleyball!