Lacey Von Erich : Former Pro-Wrestler?

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Lacey Adkisson (born July 17, 1986) is an American professional wrestler better known by her ring name Lacey Von Erich. She is the daughter of Kerry Von Erich and the granddaughter of Fritz Von Erich, from the well known Von Erich wrestling family. She is best known for working for Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, however she has recently left Wrestling, with this tweet from November 11th : “I decided to respectfully leave TNA today. I want to try new things, like be a sports host or something. Love ya’ll!” However from what we can tell, her sports hosting career hasn’t start just yet, as she’s embarked upon a new wrestling related adventure. From PopWrecked comes this exclamation pointriffic press-release :

Presented by Virtual Pro Wrestling™ technology in conjunction with RingDivas® Superstars and entertainment!!! Have you ever wanted to have a private wrestling fantasy with Lacey Von Erich? Well guess what RingDivas® fans… NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!! That’s right, debuts a new innovative line of products title Private Sessions and the first superstar to step into the ring with RingDivas® fans is the newly signed former TNA Superstar Lacey Von Erich!!! Feel the action as you perform some of the most tantalizing moves to Lacey and she does the same to you!!! Now is your chance to take Lacey Von Erich home for Christmas and have your very own Private wrestling session. Just sit back and watch as this completely innovative video amerces you into wrestling action like you have never experienced before!!!

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Well that’s certainly, uh, interesting. In honor of Lacey’s new “Career”, we present a gallery of some of her finest work to date, including more shots from this new video on the second page :