Lacey Minchew: Sexier Playoff WAG

Lacey MinchewWhen I saw another writer on this very page announcing Gisele Bundchen as the Sexiest WAG of the NFL playoffs, I did a double take. While there is no doubt that Ms. Bundchen is a knockout, and one of the most famous models on the planet, I don’t believe that she is the sexiest wife or girlfriend in the 2012 playoffs. While Gisele’s husband Tom Brady is one of the best QBs in football, and a favorite in the playoffs, a little-regarded backup QB has a WAG that rivals Gisele.

Matt Flynn is no stranger to the playoffs, having backed up Aaron Rodgers before signing with the Seahawks as their nominal starter this season. While he has been supplanted by Russell Wilson in the starting spot, Flynn still leads the team in the quality of WAG he was able to land in former Miss Louisiana Lacey Minchew. The southern belle was a former LSU Tiger Girl and Miss Teen America 2002, before starting a career as an actress. She’s appeared in a handful of TV movies, playing bit parts in films opposite Billy Zane, Dean Stockwell and fellow WAG JoAnna Garcia Swisher.