L.A. Kings’ Ice Crew is Back Too

LA Kings Ice Crew Header e1358138999170We’ve already told you how excited we are about the return of NHL hockey, but the on-ice action isn’t the only reason. While NHL teams don’t have cheerleading squads, they do have their own special teams of women who come out on the ice during breaks in the action. From the Bruins Ice Girls to the now defunct Thrashers Blue Crew, teams put together squads that would put most NFL cheerleading teams to shame. And they can skate!

To drop the puck on the new season we decided to highlight the team that ended 2012 in the top spot, the L.A. Kings. The Kings’ Ice Crew cheered on the team during their Stanley Cup run, and we can see how that might have provided some extra motivation. You can follow the Kings’ Ice Crew on Twitter and Facebook, and definitely pick up their 2013 calendar.