Krysten Ritter: From the Dark Side

Krysten Ritter 42 560x376

Krysten Ritter (Twitter) was nothing more than a character actor on some of the more popular shows on television, like Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and Breaking Bad. That all changed with her portrayal of lovable dope fiend Jane Margolis on Breaking Bad.

Today, Ritter is flying higher than her character in season two. She has starred in several movies and has even written and produced one of them. She also starred in some sitcom that we refuse to watch, but we won’t hold that against her. Krysten’s value has constantly been on the rise and now that Veronica Mars is set to release in 2014, it should climb ten-fold.

Krysten is a chameleon if there ever was one, as she also sings and plays guitar in a band called Ex Vivian. So if that isn’t enough to enjoy the beauty she brings to the world, we don’t know what will. Please enjoy the always amazing Krysten Ritter.