Kristen Bell is Off the Market

Let’s face it, we really don’t need a lot of reasons to hate Dax Shepard. For God’s sake, the guy’s name is Dax.  But when we found out he’s apparently gotten himself engaged to Kristen Bell, that just put him over the top in our book. Consider it officially on, Dax.

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Really? This guy? Really?

Kristen is a fanboy favorite, and not just because she donned the Princess Leia slave girl bikini in a movie called, you guessed it, Fanboys.  She also starred in the brilliant but short lived cult hit Veronica Mars, held her own in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and she even popped up on Deadwood and Heroes (before it went to shit).

Apparently she has some movie out now, too, but we really couldn’t be sure. Mainly because it looks retarded. Anyway, enjoy some pictures of the hottest girl to ever have a lazy eye!