Kiera Massette: Original LFL Baller

Kiera Massette
“What is cooler than girls playing football in lingerie?”

18450 276721037369 166114327369 3263969 4139984 n 201x300A wise question asked by Lingerie Football League veteran Kiera Massette, who was kind enough to take a few minutes to speak with Gunaxin about the league.

In recent years, the LFL has progressed from a halftime show to a full fledge 12 team league, which will have 20 full regular season games, along with the playoffs broadcast on MTV2.

Due to an ankle injury, Massette is no longer an active member of the Baltimore Charm team she was recruited to join. Yet, she logged a full season for the now defunct New York Majesty in the league’s inaugural season, working double time as both a player and PR representative for the league trying to get the word about her team.

“The problem we had in New York was that we didn’t hit the market hard enough. You need to do alot to get attention in that market and I am not sure we did enough in that area.”

While in the New York area, Massette was able to appear on a variety of radio programs including Boomer and Carton and Opie & Anthony. She also took part in a live sports/comedy show “12 Angry Mascots” with Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets, which she commented was “an incredibly fun experience because Darrelle was such a great guy and good to work with.”

She was originally attracted to the LFL because of the type of girls she saw featured in advertisements for it. “The girls were athletic looking and seemed normal and healthy. They weren’t too skinny. You could tell they had a history playing competitive sports.”

Even though she is no longer playing, she remains in contact with members of the league and assists with their PR and outreach efforts. She would like to see an improvement in the compensation for players and coaches, who are investing substantial amounts of time for the league and risking injury.

“Everybody involved with the league works their butts off and they deserve the appropriate recognition for it. I am glad to see they are continuing to expand and hope to see the league continue to grow after this season.”

It sounds as if her wish may come true, as the league recently announced it is in negotiations to expand into up to 11 new markets. There will also be a Canadian Lingerie Football League starting in 2012.