Kelli Garner Makes the Skies Even Friendlier


If you haven’t heard of Kelli Garner, well, you’re not alone. We’d wager that most people are unfamiliar with her work, seeing as much of it has come on Broadway, with her biggest film roles coming in Lars and the Real Girl and a small role in The Aviator. That is very likely to change this fall, though, and that’s because she’s set to star alongside Christina Ricci in ABC’s new show Pan Am, which in no way, shape or form is a total and blatant attempt to capitalize on the retro-inspired success of Mad Men.

Either way, if the show does in fact become a success anywhere near the scale of Mad Men, then it’s a safe bet that Kelli Garner will be Pan Am’s version of Christina Hendricks. Why, you ask? Well take a look at these pictures and take two big guesses. But first, here’s a hint:

By the way, you stay classy, guy who named that YouTube video…