Keira Jones: Wag Watch #23

Keira Jones 204x300The South London glamour model has been on a quest to make a name for herself the only way a WAG knows how. By flaunting her goods on quality publications like Page 3 of the Star, FHM, Loaded, and Zoo. And what goods she has. When asked what the best thing about being a model was, Keira replied everything. At least she knows the awesomeness of her job. If you’re interested in a date, her turn-ons include smiling, kisses, and laughter. Turn-offs include bad vibes and swearing. Guess I’m out of luck. No matter, the British beauty has bagged Woking/Cypriot midfielder Nicky Nicolau.

Still one can dream. Keira claims she often spends upwards of £200 on lingerie shopping trips, where lace dominates over leather. And when asked to describe her best talent, she stated that, “I can fit my whole hand in mouth, which surprises people as my mouth looks quite small.” Nice.

Here’s some more stuff to look at: