Katy Perry Can Pitch a Tent

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Look, I’m not going to sit here and claim to have any interest what so ever in just who, precisely, Katy Perry is, what she does, who she’s with, and why she’s not currently grinding herself on my face. I know she ‘sings’, is engaged to that walking case for ADD meds, Russel Brand, was recently booted off Sesame Street for showing 89% of her cans to Elmo, and often has blue hair… but that’s about it. The point is, what really matters here is that she has an incredible rack, a pretty damn cute mug, a steaming hot little ass, and prefers to have as little covering her mommy parts as legally possible. I’m just fine with that. So, if you wanna spend a few minutes ogling Miss Perry here, I’m certainly not going to stop you. Just maybe do it where no one can see you because she does pitch a very nice tent. Enjoy.