Katherine Webb: The Real BCS Winner

Katherine Webb 3 e1357628363388 560x296Alabama QB AJ McCarron had a terrific BCS title game beating Notre Dame and winning his second consecutive National Championship in his only two years as the starting quarterback for Alabama. But that wasn’t the only thing that made his night incredible. He can thank his beautiful girlfriend that Brent Musburger became infatuated with throughout the entire ESPN broadcast.

Katherine Webb 560x302

That lovely gal is none other than Miss Alabama 2012 herself, Katherine Webb. She has become the most talked about moment of the BCS title game thanks to a boring blowout by the Crimson Tide. She has even blown up on Twitter going from around 3,000 followers to over 100K in one night.

We wanted to get in on this fun and show off the reasons why Uncle Brent was spending all night talking about the beauty queen with her 40 sexiest shots. Enjoy.