Katerina Stikoudi : Greek Goddess

Katerina Stikoudi 560x314Greece’s economy might not be going through its best days in the last few years but some things in Greece will never change: good food, beautiful islands, hot sun, perfect beaches and hot CHICKS. Katerina Stikoudi is the best proof of this.

151112182120 0816Katerina is a former model, occasional television presenter and currently a singer. She grabbed the 2005 beauty pageant title “Miss Hellas” (Miss Greece) and represented Greece successfully at the Miss World pageant.

katerina stikoudi protasi gamou 2013 560x471

Aside from all these accomplishments, Katerina is also a college graduate and claims to be raised as a church girl (if we want we believe that).

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Unfortunately for all of us, she is dating for a few years now a Greek DJ and they seem to get along pretty well too…..so well that some claim he was the reason she pursued a singing career. If you’d like to enjoy her “voice”, check out the video below…