Kate Middleton Topless!?

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It turns out it’s not just the male side of the royal family our soft, innocent eyes are getting exposed to.

Less than a month after Prince Harry’s Las Vegas wangover was revealed to the public, Kate Middleton is now at the center of attention.

Pictures of Prince William and Kate were recently released after the couple were snapped by paparazzi while vacationing in France. Normally a photograph of royalty isn’t anything to write an article about… BUT WAIT.

She has her tits out…

kate middleton topless closer 05 435x5801

The French magazine ‘Closer’ purchased the photographs and published them today, with the Duchess of Cambridge “Fully topless, with nipples clearly showing”. In fairness to the French, they are getting straight to the point. A more grown-up version of telling the world you have nude pictures of the to-be Queen of England would be yelling; “Look, tits!”

After the outrage caused by Prince Harry’s debacle earlier this month, the Royal family will most certainly not be enjoying the prospect of another public lambasting. World War 3 anyone?

Next on the list, Pippa Middleton’s arse. Please.