Jordan Carver : Boobalicious

Jordan Carver 004 560x373Jordan Carver is a glamour model in the mold of Denise Milani. She has certain assets that well, speak for themselves. In the title I called her Boobalicious, so we’ll refer to the Urban Dictionary for a definition :

The act of having excellent breasts and displaying them in such a manner as to make all lovers of boobs desire to feel and taste the delicious qualities of the boobs.

So yeah, that about says it. We’ve gathered over 120 photos of the busty Ms. Carver, however there are literally thousands of images of her on the internet. Pretty much all of them could probably be found at her website if you pay her some money. We say that in hopes that she may shower us with gratitude, affection, and maybe a bit of motor boating. For a full interview with Jordan, check with our friends over at The Smoking Jacket, or if you just want photos, scroll below :