Jodi Albert: British Pop Tart

header28Ever since the Spice Girls hit the scene back in the 1990s, it seems like the British have made a national pastime out of creating pop groups consisting of women who look better than they sound. Jodi Albert is a member of one of those pretty pop acts, Wonderland. Luckily we no longer have to worry about Wonderland because they split up in August, but there is something much, much worse looming on the horizon. The twenty-eight year old singer is expecting a little bundle of joy with her husband, Kian Egan, of the boy pop group, Westlife. With musical genes like this, their child might grow up to be the musical anti-christ. The best we can hope for is a girl that grows up to be as hot as her mom. You can follow the upcoming musical apocalypse by liking Jodi Albert on Facebook.