Jessica Nigri : Cosplay Goddess

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If you haven’t heard the name Jessica Nigri (Twitter), chances are you haven’t been to a single cosplay event or used the internet in about ten years because she is all over the place. Jessica Nigri (Facebook) is officially listed as a promotional model by day and cosplayer by night. She has been just about every sexy female character you could think of and she has made it even sexier than the original.

Her list of famous characters that she has made appearances as are: Pikachu, Rikku, Morrigan Aensland, Anya Stroud, Juliet Starling, Rena, Harley Quinn, Rainbow Dash, Female Joker, Mad Moxxi, Nathan Drake, Captain Edward Kenway, Teemo, Tiny Tina, and San. Here is a gallery of some of those characters as well as her personal collection of sexiness for your enjoyment.