Jessica Felice : The New Reebok Girl

Reebok Eastytone TaketheGym web 212x300Have you seen the new Reebok ad about the shoes designed to give women a better butt? That’s not a typo. Reebok has launched three new commercials claiming they have designed a shoe to give women better butts (among other body parts). And at least one of them features a young woman from Ohio (OHIO!!!) named Jessica Felice. According to her website, she’s been featured in “commercials and print advertisements for Reebok, Quaker Oatmeal, TLC, US Magazine, Ford Motor Company, The Hallmark Channel, The TV Guide, Palm Treo, Schick Razors and California Fitness, among others.” She is definitely in this first commercial, but we’ll include the other two just in case that is her too. Consider it a public service. Gallery of Jessica follows below.

The ads are for uhhhh, lemme look again. Reebok EasyTone, that’s it. So at first glance when you watch these commercials, you would think they were targeted towards men, using sex to sell. However they really are selling womens shoes, and are using a woman’s desire to look like the girl in the commercial in order to sell the product. Can’t argue with that can yah?

Don’t be jealous Boobs, you are pretty good too. Here is the fabulous Miss Felice, although something tells me she already had that ass, before they gave her the shoes.