Jessica Alba: Sexy Woman with Serious Power


Jessica Alba is so ridiculously gorgeous, that it’s hard to say anything bad about her. But the thirty year old actress has been in some really, really bad movies. Three of the worst were Honey, Into the Blue and The Love Guru. Even though we cringe just thinking about them, still we sat through each one just because Jessica is so damn sexy. To Jessica’s credit, she has been in some kick ass man-flicks like Machete, and Sin City. So what’s next for the Jessica Alba? Unfortunately its Spy Kids 4, which tags itself as being the first movie presented in “Smellovision”. Looks like we’ll have to endure another one for her gorgeousness. While we prepare ourselves for the pain, you can follow Jessica on Twitter . To see why we’ll sit through Spy Kids 4 check out Jessica Alba’s hot gallery below.