Jennifer Love Hewitt : Birthday Babe

jennifer love hewitt jennifer love hewitt the client list photoshoot may 2012 q3nsvae sized e1361472934573 560x318There aren’t too many things Jennifer Love Hewitt hasn’t done in her 34 years on Earth. She has been a producer, writer, director, actress, author, singer, songwriter, Maxim Hottie, television princess, and has even been nominated for a Golden Globe for The Client List.

Speaking of The Client List, have you seen this show? It is every Jennifer Love fan’s fantasy. She portrays a high-end prostitute just trying to make ends meet for her family. If there was a list of hottest TV MILFs of all time, her character would win by a landslide. It wouldn’t even be close.

So with season 2 just around the corner, why not spend this waiting time scrolling through 100 of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hottest pics of all time as a way of celebrating her 34th birthday today?