Jenna Marbles is Sinfully Delicious

Jenna Marbles 560x315What is more amazing? A woman so beautiful you can only muster enough courage to nod and wave or a sexy young lady that speaks like a sailor and has a funnier set of jokes than a Comedy Central roast?

I am taking the second one, thank you very much. It is great to have a beautiful woman that blows the rest away but having someone around that has a personality is much better.

Jenna Marbles, the Youtube sensation/blogger/entertainer, is that girl. I have spent several hours on the internet just watching her videos because, let’s face it, the internet is awesome and watching Youtube videos with hot chicks in it is even better. Here is an example, her video of “Things Girls Lie About.”

Her sense of humor, vulgarity, brutal honesty, and overall awareness has made her such a rockstar that she has at least two million views on every single video she posts, which come out every Wednesday on this channel.

If you don’t know yet, here is a solid gallery of why I just can’t stop watching the one they call Jenna Marbles.