Jenna Haze in a Twilight Parody

EclipseAd e1277914117770A hot new movie hits the theater today, and what does that mean? A new Porn Parody! Introducing “This Isn’t The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”, staring Jenna Haze in the role of Bella. The film will be released on July 12th, as I guess it must still be in production.

Born and raised in California, Jenna Haze dropped out of high school at 15 to help support the family, and worked low-paying jobs. When she turned 18 she tried dancing/stripping for a living, but didn’t like it and quit after her first day. A year later she met someone who had connections to the xxx-film industry and told her she would be perfect for that business. Intrigued, she decided to give it a try, and in two days was shooting her first porn scene at a studio in the San Fernando Valley. Jenna has been in hundreds of scenes the past 10 years and has won many of awards in the industry. If you are ever presented with the opportunity of seeing/meeting her at a local strip club, I highly recommend it!

Jenna will be appearing in Pittsburgh at Blush on July 22-24 and you can follow her tour schedule by clicking here! Now on with the show: