Jakki Degg : British Beauty

Jakki Degg Header 560x262British beauty Jakki Degg found fame when her mother convinced her to enter the Max Power Magazine Babes Competition. Of course, Degg won the contest hands down. In 2001, she became a Page 3 girl for British tabloid The Sun and in 2001, Jakki was voted “Greatest Ever Page 3 Girl”. In 2002 she decided to take a break from modeling, but much to the delight of her fans, returned to page 3 of  The Sun in 2006.

jakki degg 056 221x300In addition to modeling, Ms. Degg has also tried her hand at acting. From Wikipedia:

Jakki has appeared on television several times. She won the glamour models charity special edition of The Weakest Link (BBC1) with her winnings going to the RSPCA. She had a small role in the drama Is Harry on the Boat? (Sky One) and played the lead in the short film Remember My Dream, directed by Joao Costa Menezes. She was also a stand-in for the show The Games but was not used. She wielded a shotgun on Channel 4’s Banzai as viewers were encouraged to wager on how many balloons she would pop with it.

The 35-year-old Degg has withdrawn from the spotlight as she has aged, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy her amazing photos from her younger years :