Jaime Edmondson: One Hot MLB WAG

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Unless you live under a box or North Korea, then you have heard of Playboy Playmate¬†Jaime Edmondson (Twitter), who is engaged to Tampa Bay Rays 3B Evan Longoria. She recently gave birth to the couple’s first daughter, Elle Leona Longoria.

Longoria WAG

As far as WAGs go, she is elite. Jaime is easily one of the hottest WAGs in the history of the game of baseball. Now that she has a child, she will no longer be known as simply a beautiful WAG. No no-no my friend. She is now also a certified MILF.

And if this world is missing one thing, it is more pictures of Jaime Edmondson. I have done my best work to find her best work to make work seem like a waste of time. Enjoy.