Farrah Fawcett : A Huge Oscar Blunder

academy awards 560x349Every year the Oscars do a segment where they remember those who have passed on. While I never expected them to put in the names of adult film actors like Jamie Gillis, Aunt Peg and Erica Boyer, I was shocked to see that Farrah Fawcett was passed over. They remembered Michael Jackson, but they couldn’t remember an icon of the 70s like Farrah Fawcett.

This is the woman who sold over 8 million posters of her in a little swimsuit and a severe case of THO’s (Titty Hard Ons for the uneducated out there). She brought millions of young boys through puberty and the Oscars slight her like this. She even died on the same day as Michael Jackson, but they couldn’t be bothered.

The best way to remember this woman would be as she lived, with a series of photos of someone once voted as The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Enjoy!