Hugh Hefner Losing His Mojo

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Hugh Hefner, 82 and humping, has been losing his girlfriends at a steady clip. First, he lost hot girlfriend Holly Madison and now he’s lost Kendra Wilkinson (the sporty one). Kendra’s face was trifling to begin with, so I see it as a good thing that I may not have to see McNasty the next time I tune into “The Girls Next Door” on E!.

No news on when busty Bridget Marquardt will try to jump ship, but he has been quick to replace his two former girlfriends with identical twin models Karissa and Kristina Shannon.

My advice to Hugh? Go hog wild! Why stay monotonous at this point? Kick them all to the curb and party like it’s 1926!

Here’s a look at his former and current conquests.

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Holly Madison

Holly was Hef’s number 1 girlfriend of 3. Being number 1 meant she got to share the same bed with Hefner at night while the other two were kicked to their own bedrooms down the hall. Madison competed in a Hawaiian Tropic model contest where Hefner took notice and invited her to the Playboy Mansion. After several years of “hard work,” Holly managed to beat out the other girlfriends to become #1.

After realizing that Hugh was not going to marry her or give her kids, she decided she was done waiting to get the huge fortune Hefner would leave behind. Now she’s dating illusionist Criss “Mindfreak” Angel.

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Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra was Hef’s number 2 girlfriend of 3. Nicknamed the “sporty one” because of her more “tomboy-ish” nature when compared to the other girls, Kendra had an easier time getting into bed with Hefner. Kendra met Hefner at his 78th birthday party. She had been hired to be a “painted girl” (a girl wearing nothing except paint). Shortly after their meeting, Hugh invited Kendra to move into the Playboy Mansion and become one of his girlfriends.

At first, Kendra denied rumors that she was dating Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett. Then she got engaged and came clean and admitted it all. So out the door goes #2!

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Bridget Marquardt

Last but not least is girlfriend #3, the cougar of the group – born in 1973, Bridget is significantly older than Hef’s former girlfriends. Bridget tried to pose for Playboy but was rejected several times. It wasn’t until she took the Playboy Mansion test 2 times before she was invited in and became a regular. After more than a year of visiting the Mansion, Hefner made Bridget girlfriend #3.

Here are some pictures of the three lovely ladies together one last time.