Who’s the Hottest Woman on The Office?

the office valentines mike with women staff twoWith this season of The Office off to a poor start, it’s time to focus on what the show has done well over the past several seasons. Comedy aside, they’ve cast relatively good looking women. Now lets put it to a vote to determine who is the hottest woman in the office. To be fair, we’ll include even the women who Michael Scott doesn’t consider hot. VOTE AT THE BOTTOM

Angela Martin

angela martin1

Few men would turn Angela down, simply because she is a petite blond, but she it obviously a tightly-wound religious woman who is best to stay away from.

Pam Beesly/Halpert

27002 pam beesley1 218x300
A bit of a dork and relatively ‘plain,’ Pam is referred to my Michael as the office hottie.

Kelly Kapoor

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Kelly would just die if she doesn’t win this poll.

Erin Hannon

OfficeErin 1251409003 000 199x300

The very cute but clueless Erin is definitely a great replacement for Pam at reception.

Karen Filippelli

theoffice karen

Michael says that Karen is only hot from behind, and should wear something other than a pants suit. We say that if there is a girl worth leaving Pam for, Karen is it. Poor Jim Halpert and his tough choices.

Meredith Palmermeredith 300x200

On the plus side, Meredith is the easiest woman to get with in the office.

Phyllis Lapin-Vance

Office PHYLLIS SMITH 240x260 081620070952
She’s a main character, we had to include her.

Jan Levinson

Jan Levinson jan levinson 368217 384 288 300x225
We’ll include the post-boob job Jan, in case you were wondering. The same one that Michael stayed with simply because of the surgery.

Holly Flax

Holly Flax 200x300
Though a dork, Michael’s soulmate is certainly hot and definitely worth voting for.

Carol Stills

Carol 300x167

Okay, now we’re digging to the bottom of the barrel by including Michael’s real estate agent/girlfriend.

That’s enough. Sure, there are a few more women on the show, but let’s just stick with these.

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