Hottest Woman Alive – Marisa Miller

marisa miller 201x300The American supermodel Marisa Miller is the hottest woman alive! She’s mostly remembered for her consecutive appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues since 2002, and in Victoria’s Secret catalogs since 2001 (and as a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2007). She’s also the ambassador of the American Cancer Society. Marisa is so hot that many have compared her to Cindy Crawford in her prime. Her favorite exercise to maintain her perfect physique is practicing her boxing skills in the ring. Maxim magazine selected Miller as the #1 on their 2008 ‘Hot 100’ list, with Lindsay Lohan in the ninth place. However, an ungodly hot girl who lives her life healthily and devotes her free time to the society, in my opinion, should be ranked higher than the drug and alcohol addicted redhead by a thousand miles. If you disagree with our pick, please feel free to comment. Either way, I am sure you will enjoy all 8 pages of the gallery.

Photos courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Our friends over at The World According to Moondog have the photos from the 2009 Marisa Miller Calendar. We thought you would enjoy those as well.