Hottest WAGs of the 2015 NFL Season

aaron rodgers olivia munn 560x350

Don’t sit there a pretend you have never heard of a WAG before. These beautiful creatures have been lighting up our lives for almost nine years now since the 2006 FIFA World Cup when the term first came to life. It was the amazingly sexy ladies of the England National Team that the tabloids decided to start calling WAGs to shorten for Wives or Girlfriends. Ever since then, it has become a part of our vocabulary. Thank goodness!

The NFL has given us so-called WAG writers so much material that we will never be out of a job. There are so many beautiful women that date professional football players that we cannot even cover them all. We would run out of ink. (Not that we use ink to type anymore, but you get the idea.)

Now that we are almost to the start of the 2015 NFL season, the excitement is starting to take over. Even the fans in Tampa Bay have something to cheer for this season and he goes by the name of Jameis Winston. This kid is going to have an instant impact on the NFC South and could turn a terrible team into a Wild Card contender. He has the tools on offense, he just needs to limit his mistakes.

Did we mention he has a young and sexy girlfriend by his side? It does not hurt to have a WAG by your side to help heal the wounds of a first season in the NFL. Enough talk, let’s get this thing going and start revealing the list of the hottest NFL WAGs of 2015. Enjoy.

40. Candice Romo – Tony Romo

41 Candice Romo Tony Romo 560x442

Tony Romo is one of the most hated people on this planet outside of Dallas Cowboy fans. But why? He hasn’t assaulted a woman in an elevator, failed numerous drug tests, or even abuse his children. But for some reason, people hate him. Candice Romo loves him and we think more of you should too.

39. Jess Gysin – Jimmy Clausen

40 Jess Gysin Jimmy Clausen 560x840

Jimmy Clausen probably will not be starting any games in the NFL any time soon. It is rare to say this but does anyone still care if he does? The only reason anyone talks about him is because of Jess Gysin.

38. Lauren Tannehill – Ryan Tannehill

39 Lauren Tannehill Ryan Tannehill 560x816

As Ryan Tannehill continues to mature in the NFL, so does his wife and her modeling career.

37. Sasha Dindayal – Antonio Gates

38 Sasha Dindayal Antonio Gates 560x854

Of all people, Antonio Gates has to start the 2015 season from the comforts of his home thanks to a four game suspension the NFL has served him for breaking the leagues PED policy. This is what awaits him at home.

36. Natalie Kalil – Ryan Kalil

37 Natalie Kalil Ryan Kalil

The former USC offensive lineman and current NFL awesome guy, Ryan Kalil, stole the heart of one of the World’s most famous cheerleaders of USC.

35. Samantha Ponder – Christian Ponder

36 Samantha Ponder Christian Ponder 560x560

At least one of the two will be employed by next season. We are sorry Christian Ponder but you had several chances to get better and instead you got concussions. Bad luck is what they call that sir.

34. Olivia Davison – Todd Gurley

35 Olivia Davison Todd Gurley

As we welcome the NFL’s newest group of rookies, we also welcome their ladies. Olivia Davison beautiful images belong to Todd Gurley and now, us too.

33. Leigh Costa – Tyron Smith


Tyron Smith is probably the best you will ever see as far as offensive lineman are concerned. He could play every position and play it well. We wonder how great he is at home when he is around the gorgeous Leigh Costa.

32. Brittany Langdon – Matt Barkley

33 Brittany Langdon Matt Barkley 560x560

The USC star QB, Matt Barkley, got the girl, Brittany Langdon. And although he will probably never start in the NFL, he still has enough swag to win her heart.

31. Amy O’Hara – Shaun O’Hara

32 Amy OHara Shaun OHara 560x840

The cute couples are usually the ones that have the sexiest stay-at-home mothers by their side. Or is there a term to describe hot mothers?

30. Breion Allen – Jameis Winston

30 Breion Allen Jameis Winston 560x747

Welcome to the NFL rookie. Oh and thank you for Breion Allen.

29. Julie Johnston – Zach Ertz

29 Julie Johnston Zach Ertz 560x554

Gold medal at the 2015 FIFA World Cup is the most impressive trophy Zach Ertz will ever get to touch unless he finds his way into the end zone more.

28. Kelsi Reich – David Nelson

28 Kelsi Reich David Nelson 560x374

Does this guy still play in the NFL?

27. Kristin Cavallari – Jay Cutler

27 Kristin Cavallari Jay Cutler 560x774

Everyone feels sorry for Jay Cutler because he is a good QB but might loss his starting job if the Bears struggle to start 2015. He is married to Maxim magazine’s hottest woman of 2010 Kristin Cavallari. He will be fine.

Note: Someone fact check us on that Maxim ranking. If she wasn’t the hottest that year, she should have been.

26. Kacie McDonnell – Aaron Murray

26 Kacie McDonnell Aaron Murray

Again, it does not matter if you play a single down in the NFL. If you are a professional QB, you will land the sexiest babes in America.

25. Erin Heatherton – Jordan Cameron

25 Erin Heatherton Jordan Cameron 560x755

Well, it is not always the QBs that land Victoria Secret models. Jordan Cameron found a way into Erin Heatherton’s heart and he plans on holding on.

24. Marisa Ventura – Jermaine Kearse

24 Marisa Ventura Jermaine Kearse

Marisa Ventura deserves a higher ranking. That is what will happen if she decides to truly explore the modeling world.

23. Kelly Hall – Matthew Stafford

23 Kelly Hall Matthew Stafford 560x560

How many QBs on this list have beautiful WAGs by their side? 54. Wait, the list only goes to 40? We are just assuming the other QBs in the NFL have them too.

22. Elise Pollard – Golden Tate


21. Anna Burns Welker – Wes Welker

21 Anna Burns Wes Welker

20. Cameron Howard – Louis Vasquez

20 Cameron Howard Louis Vasquez

19. Sarah Celek – Garrett Celek

Sarah Celek Garrett Celek 560x689

Sarah Celek, formerly Sarah Hinton, is one of the hottest WAGs of All-Time. You should be on the lookout for her in another piece we are working on for the Hottest WAGs Ever.

18. Ciara – Russell Wilson

9 Ciara Russell Wilson 560x758

It is very honorable and admirable for a man to admit that he and his fiance are going to be abstinent until after they tie the knot. However, when Ciara is your fiance, how in the hell can you keep that promise? She is so beautiful that grown men have given up their jobs just to get a chance to meet her in person.

17. Ariel Meredith – Hakeem Nicks

14 Ariel Meredith Hakeem Nicks 560x591

You do not need to be relevant to be great. Or even marry greatness.

16. Camille Kostek – Rob Gronkowski

Camille Kostek Rob Gronkowski 560x500

Finally Rob Gronkowski is settling down. Wait, is she a porn star too? (No, she is not)

15. Amanda Adamson – Julius Thomas

Amanda Adamson Julius Thomas

Poor Julius Thomas. He decides not to resign with a team that is possibly going to be a Super Bowl contender this season just so he can go play in Jacksonville? That makes it very hard for us to believe he did not do it for the money. That is the ONLY reason he did it.

14. Nicole Williams – Larry English

Nicole Williams Larry English 560x568

If you have not met Nicole Williams, you’re welcome. If you have, then shut up and enjoy.

13. Heidi Mueller – DeMarco Murray

Heidi Mueller DeMarco Murray 560x860

There are two reasons why DeMarco Murray should have stayed in Dallas. We will let Heidi explain.

12. Jessie James – Eric Decker

Jessie James Eric Decker 560x560

Eric Decker should retire and enjoy the High Life with his beautiful mate Jessie.

11. Lindsey Duke – Blake Bortles

5 Lindsey Duke Blake Bortles 560x315

There is never enough sun in Florida.

10. Gisele – Tom Brady

6 Gisele Tom Brady 560x373

Tom Brady is going to have the worse time at his mansion with Giselle during his four game suspension this season. The worst!

9. Reagan Agee – Taylor Lewan

Reagan Agee Taylor Lewan 560x996

Thanks to Taylor Lewan for introducing us to Reagan Agee, or Britney Spears 4.0.

8. Rona Gonzales – Von Miller

Rona Gonzales Von Miller 560x560

If you think this is amazing…

7. Claudia Sampedro – Julius Peppers

7 Claudia Sampedro Julius Peppers 560x695

Then you must think this is insanity!

6. Marissa Powell – Kyle Van Noy

Marissa Powell Kyle Van Noy 560x373

5. Phillippa Okoye – Lawrence Okoye

Philippa Okoye Lawrence Okoye 560x556

Who? What? How do you even…

4. Katherine McCarron – A.J. McCarron

Katherine McCarron AJ McCarron 560x773

The University of Alabama is only great if you live in Tuscaloosa, AL. For the rest of us, anything related to the Crimson Tide is gross and we would all just rather Nick Saban retire and stop being such a douche. The one and only thing that came from Alabama was A.J. McCarron’s wife, Katherine. Her appearance during the Nation

3. Brittany Renner – Colin Kaepernick

3 Brittany Renner Collin Kap 560x560


This side-by-side photo of Brittany Renner is just a taste of what she brings to the table. If Colin Kaepernick has any brains under that 49ers helmet, he will see the same thing and try and lock this down immediately before someone else gets her.

2. Olivia Munn – Aaron Rodgers

2 Olivia Munn Aaron Rodgers 560x765

Aaron Rodgers truly does have it all. He owns more hardware than Home Depot and now has Olivia Munn as a girlfriend. That is only fair if you are George R.R. Martin and you are writing the next book in the Game of Thrones series. Does the last reference make sense? Nope. But if you are reading this instead of ogling at the pretty ladies, you probably also watch Game of Thrones.

1. LeAnne Massey – Bruce Miller

1 LeAnne Massey Bruce Miller 560x561

We could post 1,000 different picture of LeAnne Massey and every single one of them would show off that gigantic smile. It is hard to show you just one of them. We posted this picture just so Google wouldn’t shut us down but come on now…