The Hottest Latinas of 2013

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Rolling Stone Latinas 220x300Thank You Rolling Stone Magazine for bringing to our attention a group of women so seductive and beautiful they deserved their own article. Today, Rolling Stone Magazine will release it’s Latin Hot List Issue and it is so freaking hot, they tag it NSFW. You can see to the right, they put Naya Rivera from Glee on the cover.

But don’t worry, we have done our homework and our list is as safe for the home office as Jordan Carver doing the dishes in a night gown. So while Rolling Stone is going to have the entire web in a feeding frenzy over the Hottest Latinas, we have put a list together of our own, for your enjoyment. Judge for yourself who got it right…

35. Satcha Pretto

35 Satcha Pretto 560x371

34. Paulina Rubio

34 Paulina Rubio 560x420

33. Francia Raisa

33 Francia Raisa 560x839

32. Blanca Soto

32 Blanca Soto 560x839

31. Lymari Nadal

31 Lymari Nadal 560x371

30. Mayra Veronica

30 Mayra Veronica 560x419

29. Ivian Sarcos

29 Ivian Sarcos 560x373

28. Gaby Espino

28 Gaby Espino 560x420

27. Chiquinquira Delgado

27 Chiquinquirá Delgado 560x420

26. Stefania Fernandez

26 Stefanía Fernández 560x840

25. Paula Garces

25 Paula Garces 560x380

24. Daisy Fuentes

24 daisy fuentes 560x350

23. Amelia Vega

23 Amelia Vega 560x373

22. Paola Turbay

22 Paola Turbay 560x373

21. Ximena Navarrete

21 Ximena Navarrete 560x343

20. Soledad Fandino

20 soledad fandiño 560x314

19. Rosario Dawson

19 rosario dawson 560x420

18. Ninel Conde

18 Ninel Conde 560x560

17. Shakira

17 shakira 560x448

16. Salma Hayek

16 salma hayek 560x420

15. Vida Guerra

15 vida guerra 560x448

14. Ximena Duque

14 Ximena Duque 560x373

13. Eva Longoria

13 eva longoria 560x552

12. Aimee Garcia

12 Aimee Garcia 560x373

11. Dania Ramirez

11 Dania Ramirez 560x374

10. Selena Gomez

10 selena gomez 560x745

9. Genesis Rodriguez

9 Genesis Rodriguez 560x420

8. Zoe Saldana

8 zoe saldana 560x350

7. Roselyn Sanchez

7 Roselyn Sánchez 560x350

6. Naya Rivera

6 Naya Rivera 560x755

5. Alessandra Ambrosio

5 Alessandra Ambrosio 560x315

4. Sofia Vergara

4 sofia vergara

3. Larissa Riquelme

3 Larissa Riquelme 560x437

2. Eva Mendes

2 Eva Mendes 560x350

1. Adriana Lima

1 adriana lima 560x350