Hottest Fans of the 2014 World Cup Final Four

World Cup Ladies 560x314The World Cup party has been rocking for a few weeks now, and we’re approaching the end with the final on Sunday in Brazil. The host nation has made it to the Final Four, and will take the pitch against Germany on Tuesday. Their rivals from Argentina have also advanced, and will face the Dutch on Wednesday. The Netherlands appeared in the final game four years ago, but were not expected to make it this far in 2014. Based on FIFA ranking and home-field advantage, a dream match-up of Brazil and Argentina in the final is far from impossible. Although here at Gunaxin, we’re rooting for Holland!

While the games will be decided on the pitch (likely by poor officiating), we’d like to honor our tradition of selecting sports champions based on other factors, like their hottest fans. Below are galleries for each of the remaining teams in the tournament. While we tried to stick to just photos from the 2014 World Cup, we admit that became too challenging so we had to fill in with some older photos. We’re sure you won’t mind the added quality at the expense of integrity. So please enjoy the Hottest Fans of the 2014 World Cup Final Four…

World Cup Brazil Fans 01 560x280


Brazil advanced with a 2-1 victory over Colombia, but lost their star Neymar to injury in the process. Will their fans inspire them to victory?

World Cup Germany Fans 01 560x280


Germany advanced with a clean sheet over France, winning 1-0. They’re ranked 2nd in the World by FIFA, but can they overcome a home-field advantage?

World Cup Netherlands Fans 01 560x279


The Netherlands advanced by virtue of penalty kicks over Costa Rica. Robin van Persie has been snake bitten in the past two contests, can he push the Dutch to their first ever World Cup title?

World Cup Argentina Fans 01 560x280


Argentina advanced with a 1-0 result against Belgium and boasts the World’s best player in Lionel Messi. Will one man be enough to carry them to victory?

So what do you think? Which team has the talent to win the World Cup? Let us know in the comments.